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Commercial Real Estate Development

Getting into the commercial real estate business is a very challenging endeavor. You require a significant amount of capital and also a proper understanding of the requirements of commercial tenants. In addition to the above, you also have to have a sound understanding of project management and the zoning laws.

investing real estateDealing in commercial real estate also entails negotiations with different players like local authorities, business owners and local residents’ representatives in addition to contractors who perform the construction work, architectural designs and landscaping. This means that good interpersonal skills are essential if one is to be successful in this business.

For enterpreneurs who have the requisite skills and recources, develping commercial real estate is an exteremely rewarding venture thet leads to a lucrative career with endless opportunities.

We now take a look at the steps to take in developing commercial real estate:

(1)Decide the kind of commercial real estate that you want to develop

The different types of businesses that you intend to sell or lease the property to will all have different demands and requirements for the property and you must cater for each market by giving the right locations,ideal contractors and proper property management. With every category comes a different standard development that may not be the right one for another category.

(2)Draw a good plan

Meticulous planning is required before you dive into any type of dealings. Proper planning at the start helps you to almost certain success even though sometimes plans can go wrong. Conduct some research about the area in which you intend to acquire property. Find out from the locals about the accessibility and any other facts that you may need to know about before buying.

(3)Secure the finances required

This can be a business loan, investments from investment companies or both.

Factors to consider when choosing a location

(1)When choosing a location for commercial real estate it is vital to ensure that the chosen location is zoned for such development. The local authority’s planning division will provide this information.

(2)Check to confirm that the location can handle the increased traffic that will be coming to the development.

(3)Find out about the location’s future infrastructural plans. For example a planned new highwaywould mean more traffic and therefore more benefits. Knowing the future plans can alert you about the potential of demolitions to make way for recreational parks orresidential buildings, which could adversely alter the attraction of your new commercial development.

So, all the best. If you intend to venture into commercial real estate , expect an exciting, challenging and, if all goes well, a very lucrative business.

Know About Investing In Commercial Real Estate

In the modern world where there are plenty of opportunities for earning money quickly and easily, making the best use of them has become the most difficult thing. Investments seem like the only right way that the people can select to secure their future, but there are a lot of risks involved in investments. So, the investments have to be safe and at the same time pay off in the future. The best way for this is Investing In Commercial Real Estate. Not only is it safer than other investments, but it also undoubtedly pays off in the future. commercial real estate

Investing In Commercial Real Estate is the right way to go because, it is not like the other types of real estate where you buy a property for using it either domestically or industrially. In commercial real estate you use the property either to generate income in the form of rent or capital gain which may earn you profits. One of the best examples of commercial real estate is the Wave City, the new city centre which is set up to attract a lot of people to view it. The Whitewater Centre proves as an excelle Continue reading 

Outdoor Recreation in an Urban Setting

With more and more young professionals and even families moving back to city and urban environments, the need to provide quality recreation for these people is part of the draw to the city’s center. The prime example of this type of model can be studied at Charlotte North Carolina’s Whitewater Center.


The Whitewater Center is a fantastic example of how to draw people down to the center of the city by showing them a place where they can do some of the same activities they normally would have to drive a distance to do in nature. Take for instance the whitewater park. The City of Charlotte has built a concrete flume right in the middle of the city. They have created the flume in order to channel water from a nearby source into the flume. The concrete flume is designed to have rocks, drops and eddies in the channels giving enthusiast a lifelike whitewater experience without having to leave the confines of the city. Kayakers often skip other nearby streams and rivers for the convenience of the one that Charlotte has built. Whitewater rafting is a popular sport and tourist activity in the state of North Carolina and now tourists of Charlotte as well as residents can shoot the rapids and have a blast without having to travel a distance to a nearby river.


The Charlotte Whitewater Center also has some other activities for those who aren’t quite ready to get their feet wet. A climbing wall was constructed to challenge the most seasoned climbers. From beginner to expert, the climbing walls provide a nice climbing outlet for those seeking some extra adrenaline release.


Spectators are encouraged to come and check the place out as well. There are plenty of other activities to keep bystanders and friends of adrenaline junkies entertained. Walking trails along the whitewater channel allow spectators to observe the kayakers and rafters as they play in the rapids. Sometimes Charlotte even hosts whitewater games where contestants race through gates and are timed on their skills in navigating the water flume. This also provides the training ground for the US national Olympic Whitewater team. They have the facility to practice their racing skills when other options don’t have enough rain or dam dependent water to make the rapids they desire.


Charlotte also hosts whitewater rodeos where kayakers in tiny, stubby kayaks get on waves or “holes” and perform tricks and maneuvers. They are judged and scored based on their difficulty and style. This is widely known as freestyle kayaking or “playboating”. These types of events draw fairly large crowds to watch world-class athletes do what they love to do. Competitive, freestyle and race kayaking.


With the large crowds of non-participants you also must have other things and activities for those people to engage in. A number of watering holes and eateries are scattered through the park’s area. Dining venues as well as local microbreweries and ice cream parlors.


There is truly something for everyone here and that’s why there is a such a draw to area year after year. Other cities have taken Charlotte’s model project and instilled it in their own urban setting. Drawing and attracting more people downtown all while encouraging local commerce and high levels of fitness and physical activity. Those are the main objectives in such projects. What has also happened is a revitalization of their surrounding areas that want to be part of the new age urban lifestyle. Clothing companies and outdoor gear retailers find these areas great places to set up shop and sell goods.


Building a project like this takes a lot of money on the front end. Often times the City themselves must finance such projects with taxpayer dollars in hopes that these new urban settings will encourage commerce and development around those areas. It can be a tricky and complex situation for local governments with a lot of finger pointing by tax paying citizens who don’t see the bigger picture. Of course there is also the fear that a project like this will either go belly up during development or fail overall.


Most taxpayers also know that government funded projects almost always go over–budget.  Padding the pockets of special interest contractors and construction companies. That’s why projects such as these are so rare across the country. Charlotte is to be commended on its efforts as a City to provide quality recreation and a venue for commerce within the city limits. Hopefully other cities can follow suit and learn from the wins and losses of other community funded projects like this one.

Research Before Making a Commercial or Industrial Investment

When investing in Commercial properties, there are many key factors you want to observe before making any type of business decisions.  There are many factors that come into play that can modify your decision in the blink of an eye. Key research needs to be done in order to determine if the return of investment is worth the investment up front. This article will provide you with some key factors that will aide you in your business decision.  Commercial property is a much more in depth decision making process that includes a handful of factors that is not the same when dealing with residential  or industrial properties.  These are completely different worlds, but prove that if you do your homework your outcome can be predicted before the first dime is spent. This article will help aide you in your decision making process.

In dealing with commercial real estate, there is one thing that stands out and this is return of investment. There is no point in investing in any commercial property if no money can be made from your investment. This may require some research.  This research should include key factors such as, how much the previous investor was actually making off of it.  Research should also be done in order to determine the potential return of investment the building could have.  And of course, you should make sure your investment has the capability of making money.

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Fashions Heating Up The Beach

surfIt isn’t simply participating in outdoor sports such as surfing, beach volleyball, free diving and beach fitness that draw people to these coveted sports.  The fashion and style that goes along with the culture is quite the draw to these sports as well.  Southern California surf culture has spread all over the world.  Literally encapsulating people who live nowhere near a beach or tropical locale.

The worlds of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing have influenced a certain style and way of fashion that has influenced how young and old people alike dress for a casual day around the house or even a night out on the town.  Surf culture and surf style is quite possibly the most influential style of clothing to ever be invented.

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Noida’s latest and most prominent development is on the brinks of launching.  We are in the process of designing the retail spaces and getting ideas and concepts from other investors. You can expect a variety of shopping experiences in the new wave city center arena.  We intend on having the highest quality fashion designer retailer as well as affordable lines of clothing, shoes and accessories.  There truly will be something for everyone.

Women’s clothing and accessories have always been the biggest and best sellers at any new shopping location.  But we know that the women who love to shop must sometimes bring along their children and husbands.  This is why we are adding all sorts of clothing and accessory retail shops for all ages, walks of life and genders.

More and men are becoming fashionable and conscious of their overall appearance.  The modern day man is far beyond the old blue jeans and white undershirt wearing creature they once were branded as back in the 20th Century. Today’s modern metrosexual male knows that they must look good if they want to have any sex appeal whatsoever.  We are far removed from the caves of the Paleolithic Era and attracting a mate requires a greater attention to detail now than it ever has.

From head to toe we will have the goods to intrigue the savviest of shoppers.  A kids area with games and toys will allow the little ones to burn away some of that extra energy they somehow manage to muster up.  But the playground won’t be just for the kids.  A new multimillion dollar outdoor and indoor recreation area will spawn new adventures for those seeking something other than a shopping and dining experience.

Our outdoor playground and recreation area will feature a wave pool, zip lining, rock climbing walls and routes, a whitewater rafting and kayaking channel as well as a place for spectators and vendors to set up.  Lighter eating fare will also be available as well as alcoholic beverages for the beer connoisseur in us all.

Surf the dynamic and perfectly shaped waves in the wave pool or challenge yourself on the 65 foot high rock climbing wall that will have climbing routes for beginners as well as ones that will challenge the expert climbers in the area.

If whitewater is your forte, then you can shoot the rapids dow the man made whitewater rafting channel.  For adrenaline junkies this will truly be an experience like no other in Noida or the surrounding area.  Rent a kayak and take the rapids on solo or simply rent a bike and relax alone the open trails.

We are looking forward to the future plans and development process and can’t wait to see you here!

Where to Find Surfing in Jamaica

Jamaica is very well known for their stunning coastlines as well as their spectacular hillsides. On thing Jamaican isn’t readily known for is there surfing opportunities. Due to the instability in the region in the lack of income for many of the residents surfing is not a priority in the country. Therefore, it isn’t readily marketed although there are several world-class surfing locations throughout the Jamaican islands.jamaicasurf

Had Bob Marley been a surfer then surf culture and Jamaica as a surf destination in general may have been more easily marketed. But since all Bob Marley really did was play soccer and smoke pot and get political the country of Jamaica pretty much followed in his footsteps.

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